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Surf Networking is located in Butler County, Pennsylvania and we provide a wide rnage of services, whether it is web site design/hosting, computer builds and repairs, to software upgrades, networking setups, IT consulting, or our newest, VoIP services which include PBX (Phone System) with SIP capabilities. Pick a trusted firm today, choose us!

What We Can Do For You

  • Website Hosting & Design
  • Computer Builds & Repairs
  • Software & Network Upgrades/Setups
  • VoIP and PBX System Setups/Management
  • I.T. Consulting For Businesses
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Trusted Company
Our clients trust us with their prized-possesion, their tech, do you?

Easy Management
Manage your account with us very easily with our custom panel

All of our custom website designs are repsonsive on mobile devices

Most IT firms will charge outrageous amounts, we work with our clients

Marketing Tools
We can help you get put into Google, Ask, Yahoo, and Bing

24/7 Support
We try to keep you online 24x7x365, if there are any issues we are here

SurfCloud Online
All of our clients get a free SurfOnline cloud backup solution

Our Content System
We will put your website on our super fast backup system
Computer Cleanup
Clear All Dust/Hair Out
Scans For Virus/Malware
Defragment Hard Drives
Remove Junk Files
Speeds Up Your PC
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Networking Setup
Replaces Your Old ROuter
Improves Yoru Connection
Free Public WiFi Setup
Free Private WiFi Setup
Add Any Desired Switches
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Small Business Consult
Less Than 10 Employees
Network Suggestions
Software Suggestions
Hardware Suggestions
Free Contact Request
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Large Business Consult
More Than 10 Employees
Network Suggestions
Backup Solutions
Security Solutions
PBX/VoIP Systems
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