The Truth

Okay, I am very sick of everyone and their comments, specifically

You want the truth, well get it here! Yes, I got my license 1 year ago from this week, and during that time of the incident I was only a ham for less than 6 month. Yes, I screwed up. If I could go back then and change what I did I would. Yes, I screwed Dale over, without thinking like most teenagers. At that time, my project was stupid and had no reason or comprehension behind it. At that time, I did injure my back, and I was on medication which made me a little whacky. When I got it, yes, honestly, 2 pieces were missing. I put jumpers in, without knowing any electornical background. As far as the refund, I am deeply sorry for Dale and for myself, as the perdicament I put myself into. At that time, I was not thinking clear, mainly becuase of the meds I had for my back injury. I went through PayPal to dispute it, thinking their would be no recoil, only to see their was. Dale, if you ever see this, I am terribly sorry for everything I have done... But, after getting my general license, and really learning how the world is, I can say my maturity level has grew. I am learning the rights from the wrongs, and I am truely learning. As for soem of the comments I have read, yes, my hobby on the side is web hosting, and yes, I am the owner of a small group that does it (About 9 volunteer staff). So no, I don't have hundreds and hundreds of clients. But again, I wish this would all go away but I know it won't, and I am sure this will end up on HamSexy and QRZ. Also, the DX Cluster was not me, as the IP's prove it and my "Online Elmer" was even backing me (Not for what happened with Dale, but for the DX Cluster and how someone was portraying to be me).What else sparked my interest was the fake FBI emails. I can say fully, under oath, that I have never sent those, or had anyone send them for me. I am guessing it was the same person who sent the fake DX cluster chat also. Thank you for reading